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Nintendo DS - Image 1JNKPlat DS 08 is a homebrew game developed by Jayenkai and features a puzzle platform game where you have to get to the exit to complete the level. But it’s not just a simple platformer. It leans more on the puzzle side of things so this is one game that’ll sure to challenge your smarts.

Download: JNKPlat DS 08

JNKPlat DS 08 - Image 1Here’s a brew game that will test your sense of direction. Jayenkai‘s JNKPlat DS 08 is a simple puzzle platform game, where you have to get to the exit to complete each level.

However, the game may not be as simple as it seems. It’s more of a puzzle game than a platformer, so you’ll really have to get your brains working for this one. The developer also notes that “there are many weird grid-based things that are leftovers from that style.” Most noticeable of which would be Platdude’s very specific jumps of one up, three across.

Oh, and there are collectible Blue Circles everywhere that are actually Super Precious Gems. While it doesn’t give you Super Precious Powers, you do get to say “I got ’em all.”

Here are the notes from the dev:

The Controls

  • There’s two jump buttons, and a hold button.
  • The hold button, B, can be used to dangle from hooks, vines and red floors. It can also be used to drag red boxes.
  • The two jump buttons, Y and A, jump left and right respectively. It’s easy once you try. If you really dislike it, you can switch to single button jump on the main menu, but I wouldn’t recommend it! Some things happen too quickly to stop and turn around!

The Level Packs

  • Level packs can contain many many levels, but each level must be played in the order layed out in the pack.
  • No saves! If you die 3 times, you’re right back at the start.

The Editor

  • Tap the middle icon on the titlescreen to enter the editor.
  • Draw a level.
  • Hold a trigger, and a Wipe/Quit and Test button appear at the bottom. If you test a level, and subsequently complete it, and you can then also Save it from this same Trigger-based menu. Note : You can only save a level if you’ve managed to complete it! You don’t need all the gems, but you do need to get to the exit.

And a couple more notes follow:

  • The level will be added as a simple line of ascii text, to the bottom of the JNKPlat/MyLevs.lev file on your card (assuming you’re using the DLDI version, and have added the JNKPlat folder to the root.)
  • Each line is it’s own level. Feel free to copy+paste these lines to build up your own little level packs.

Download: JNKPlat DS 08

Via PAlib forums

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