Homebrew – Neko DS v1.0.1

cat DS image from flickr - Image 1For those of you old enough to remember that 80s PC app wherein a cat appears on your screen and goes after your mouse cursor, here’s something you might enjoy. Developer Theme Park has ported this as a DS application, and it comes as Neko DS v1.0.1.

Download: Neko DS v1.0.1

Neko DS - Image 1Here’s a unique way to play cat and mouse. DS brew developer Theme Park ported an old PC application from the 80s to the Nintendo DS in the form of Neko DS v1.01.

Here a cat (Neko in Japanese) runs after the cursor of your mouse, scratch on the screen, take a nap, and other cat-stuff. This program he made is actually very simple, but he promises that this is but the beginning of what he intends to do with it. More importantly, it is already fully functional.

Here’s what’s in v1.0.1:

  • Removed Neo Geo splash.
  • Fixed “sleep running” bug.
  • Changed cat speed.

In the future, here’s what he plans to implement:

  • sprites incorporated into the NDS via EFS
  • have the user being able to choose between different Nekos from EFS and FAT
  • perhaps as a last update be able to have several Nekos running around on the screen

Cute, huh? In the meantime, catch the Neko DS v1.0.1 here.

Download: Neko DS v1.0.1

Via PAlib forums

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