Homebrew Update – FuSa build 032, full support of GTA games series coming soon

A cropped version of the FuSa Project motif - Image 1It seems as if a homebrew developer’s work is never done. Case in point: OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN are still busy tweaking their FuSa homebrew application for the Sony PSP. While we’ve seen several builds of the program, even both developers will tell you that there’s always room for more improvement. Turn to the full article after the jump to see what the FuSa Project has in store for you in the near future.

FuSa is a project of OldPrisoneR and AndymaN - Image 1Sometimes, it’s the wait that makes the anticipated thing much, much sweeter when it finally arrives. That seems to be true for FuSa build 032, which, according to OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN, is on its way to the Sony PSP Slim & Lite.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the FuSa application, it basically allows you to play Sony PSP games on any TV over all cable types. These include composite, component, svideo and dterminal. By TV, we mean the full screen area, too.

In any case, it appears that OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN have listened to user feedback regarding their homebrew application. Thus, we can expect at least two things from FuSa build 032: full support for the Grand Theft Auto series of games and no more sound stammering.

The ETA for FuSa build 032 has been scheduled for sometime tomorrow, so a little bit of patient waiting is in order. In the meantime, if you’d like to check out OldPrisoneR’s and Andy_maN’s main FuSa website while you wait, feel free to click on the source link below

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