Homemister Slim IdFixer

Homemister Slim IdFixer - Image 1Here’s a new application that we believe you guys will find highly useful. It’s called Homemister Slim IdFixer from the coder homemister91. This allows, basically homebrews on the Slim even if the original ID storage was corrupt.

The coder gave out a few more notes and bug reports which can be found at the full article. Just click the “read more” link below to get there.

Download: Homemister Slim IdFixer
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

Homemister Slim IdFixer - Image 1Homebrew developer homemister91, known for several applications such as System Player 101 and the PSP Memory Game, dropped by the QJ.NET PSP Development Forums and rolled out a new creation.

This time, the coder tackles on ID storage keys with Homemister Slim IdFixer. The developer explained its purpose:

This Idstore will enable homebrew applications on PSP Slim if the original IDstorage was corrupt, and enable the PSP Slim to boot.

I have tested on several PSP Slims. All worked. I have not tested on PSP Phats.

Note that this is just the initial release of the program and that there are a few bugs that have been identified by homemister91. These include the UMD not working with the program as well as the wireless capabilities.

Aside from those, this should work fine with all Sony PSP Slim & Lite units. Homemister Slim IdFixer comes with its own Readme.txt file so be sure to read through that first before doing anything to avoid problems.

Also, the coder would highly appreciate it if bug reports and feedbacks will be sent either through the comment section below or at the forums via the link posted below.

Download: Homemister Slim IdFixer
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

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