Hoplite Research talks Myst Wii, game transitions from PC to DS

Box art of Midway Games' Myst for the Nintendo DS - Image 1You can’t talk about classic adventure games without talking about Cyan WorldsMyst (PSP, DS). Manny Granilo, Executive Producer of Hoplite Research, talks about the transition of the PC cult classic onto the handheld platform and how the DS became the natural choice for the ideal port to the game.

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Screenshot of Midway's Myst for DS - Image 1Taking a look at the adventure gaming genre, one can’t help but mention the mark Cyan World’s Myst (PSP, DS) was able to leave on gamers everywhere during its heyday in the 1990s. Today, remakes on the next gen handhelds have been popping up much to the delight of veteran gamers who still remember it with a lot of fond memories.

In an interview conducted by Cubed3’s Adam Riley, Manny Granillo, Executive Producer of Hoplite Research, talked about the transition of Myst onto the handheld platform. Granillo focused mainly on how the Nintendo DS seemed like the most natural choice to port the classic adventure game to from its PC roots.

While the PSP version had its own success porting the game, the DS added several features that were intuitive with its dual screen display as well as its stylus controls.

One of the biggest problems the development team encountered, however, was finding the right balance to convey the proper experience using the DS framework. Granillo explains this by saying:

We decided early on to redesign the way in which the player interacted with the Myst experience. With the innovative Nintendo DS interface, we created a mechanism that integrated many of the tasks which players would normally do on a sheet a paper or with a hint book. Let’s just say that it was not a simple “move.”

As for plans whether or not the company is willing to resurrect other adventure classics such as the Zork series, Granillo said that other companies will have to take up the burden now that they’ve seen how effective the transition of Myst was to the DS.

When asked whether or not gamers might see the possibility of seeing Myst on the Wii considering the similarity the console has with its handheld brethren in terms of interaction, Granillo simply said they could not comment on this, but “we are looking into it.”

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