Indie developer TimeFly Studios now open for business

Indie developer TimeFly Studios now open for business - Image 1We’re letting the readers know that TimeFly Studios is now open for business. You’ll want to give this new developer a look, given that it was founded by a trio of guys who’ve cut their teeth on projects like MX vs. ATV and Cars (Xbox 360, Wii, PSP). Details are in the full article.

Indie developer TimeFly Studios now open for business - Image 1If you’re feeling down in light of the recent word of Stormfront Studio’s upcoming closure, here’s some good news for a change.

Brad Ruminer, Dennis Booth, and Glenn O’Bannon have announced the formation of TimeFly Studios, an independent game developer specializing in creating action/adventure, rhythm and puzzle titles.

One we’re reason we’re looking forward to this news is the history that Ruminer, Booth, and O’Bannon have quite a bit of history between them. The trio had a previously worked for Rainbow Studios (a THQ subsidiary), where they collective worked on projects like the MX vs. ATV series, Cars (PSP, Xbox 360, Wii) and , and Star Wars Racer Revenge.

Yeah, we noticed it too – it’s pretty odd that a group that’s racked up so much experience building racing titles did not mention that in their new studio’s itinerary. Regardless, this is one dev that’s certainly worth given a look. You can find out more about TimeFly Studios by visiting their site via the source link.

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