Interplay, Douglas TenNapel to bring Earthworm Jim 4

Interplay, Douglas TenNapel to bring Earthworm Jim 4 - Image 1Look out – it’s a classic one-two! Interplay Entertainment has just wired in the news that it is finally pushing through with the development of a new Earthworm Jim title, and this one’s got official support from the original creator himself. Douglas TenNapel, the mind behind the run-and-gun worm in a robotic suit, will be collaborating with Interplay to jump start the video game, TV, and toy legacy that was Earthworm Jim. Just a little bit more to reveal at the full story.

Interplay, Douglas TenNapel to bring Earthworm Jim 4 - Image 1

Interplay Entertainment is fulfilling its promises of sequels and remakes, and they’ve teamed up with Douglas TenNapel, the original creator of Earthworm Jim, to plan a huge comeback for the memorable platforming hero. And part of the plan includes a new title in the series currently plated as Earthworm Jim 4.

As of press time, Interplay’s official announcement via press wire could only divulge that Earthworm Jim is to be relaunched together with a whole new TV series and an entire feature film revolving around the cybernetically-enhanced earthworm.

TenNapel will serve as creative consultant to Interplay’s relaunched in-house development teams, while spearheading the next TV series and feature film. And given that Interplay was behind the creation of some of gaming history’s most iconic game franchises, there’s a lot of anticipation (and hope) that they’d do just as well today.

Now while the game specifics are as rare as hen’s teeth, we do know that the earlier releases of Shiny Entertainment‘s Earthworm Jim touched almost every console available during their time, so expect more of the same today. We’re currently looking for more updates, so keep tuned in folks.

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