ION Game Conference 2008 All-Star Speakers revealed

A cropped version of the 2008 ION Game Conference banner - Image 1Okay, so you’ve got your agenda finalized. What’s the next thing to do? Why, it’s to announce the All-Star Speakers, of course.

Evergreen Events, the organizer of the 2008 ION Game Conference, has done precisely that. It’s mentioned four important names to take note of. Find out who these four people are after the jump.

The banner of the 2008 ION Game Conference - Image 1 

Last time, Evergreen Events announced the finalization of the 2008 ION Game Conference  agenda.

This also included a new set of speakers for the event. Still, there are a number of speakers who will make up the creme de la creme – a group of all-star VIPs, if you will. According to Evergreen Events, the recent, all-star speaker additions to the 2008 ION Game Conference will include:

  • Min Kim, Director of Game Operations at Nexon America – “Creating a Global Marketplace for MMOGs: Can East and West Really Play Together?” This will cover the critical topic of cross-cultural adaption of online games to create a global gaming development and consumer culture.
  • Dave Elchoness, Executive Director of the Association of Virtual Worlds – “Redefining Virtual Worlds for Mass Market Consumption.” This blue ribbon panel session will delve into the fundamental identity of (and future of) virtual worlds. 
  • Wanda Meloni, President & Senior Technology Analyst with DFC Intelligence – “Console 2.0 – Taking Console Games Online session.” This will examine the future trends of online game development on console platforms.
  • Dillon Seo, Global Business Manager with Korea Game Industry Agency (KOGIA) –  “Korea Online Game Industry – Where is it Heading?” This is a lecture on one of the world’s hottest markets for online games: Korea.

These are but four of the many, many speakers who will be present at the 2008 ION Game Conference, though. Since Evergreen Events was also responsible for launching the conference network, it has a more complete listing of speakers and their corresponding topics and time slots.

If you wish to view the list, just click on the source link below.

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