Jagex announces lowered Canadian subscription fee for RuneScape

Jagex announces lowered Canadian subscription fee for RuneScape - Image 1Here’s something to cheer up RuneScape players located in Canada. Jagex Ltd. has just announced that it has lowered the monthly subscription fee for the game to just CAD$ 5 or roughly around US$ 5.11.

The company talks about why such thing has been made possible at the full article. Just click the “read more” link below to get there.

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Jagex Ltd. is sending out word that Canadian players of the MMORPG RuneScape are in for a great surprise. Credit card subscriptions for the game have been lowered. Prior to the change, the company is charging a monthly fee of CAD$ 7.30 (US$ 7.47).

According to Jagex, credit card subscribers will now be only charged CAD$ 5 per month or roughly around US$ 5.11. The change was due to the recent currency and sales tax changes in the country.

For those who are affected of this change, take note of the following implementation guidelines provided by the company:

  • If you wish to pay for a new subscription, the revised price is available now.
  • If you make automatic monthly payments, the revised price will take effect on your next payment date.

Aside from the above mentioned, Jagex Ltd. has yet to clarify if the same will be implemented in other regions. Keep checking back here at QJ.NET as we promise to update you as soon as something comes up.

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