Japan all set to shed pounds with Wii Fit

Wii logo - Image 1Wii Fit is finally launching in Japan and the groundswell can be felt all the way here in the US. Will we see the next big thing in gaming while the Japanese start shedding pounds using the balance board? We’ll see in about a week when sales results are in.

Balance Board - Image 1Nintendo Wii owners in the far East are currently in the looking glass of gaming’s redefinition: Wii Fit and its Balance Board accessory are currently launching in Japan and we just might see the next big thing in the business explode into the scene.

Revealed in E3 2007, Nintendo’s Wii Fit and Wii Balance Board intend to take what the Wii Remote started off to the next level. The game and accessory combo will have players up on the floor and shedding pounds as they follow  exercise gestures shown onscreen.

We’ll know by next week how the Wii Fit cookie crumbles in the land of the rising sun. From how it looks right now, it’s probably going to be positive. Stay with us for updates on that one.

Via Kotaku

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