Japan hardware sales: Nintendo DS on third place for second week

Japan Hardware sales: Nintendo DS still in third place - Image 1The DS Lite, which is usually the top seller in Japan by a huge margin, seems to be suffering a slump in sales. The handheld is now on its second week at third place in hardware sales. Read the full article to see how the rest of the platforms fared.

Japan Hardware sales: Nintendo DS still in third place - Image 1 

Japan has always favored Nintendo’s Wii and DS platforms. They’ll often be seen occupying the first two spots on the hardware charts; the Wii in second place and the DS in first place by a huge margin.

However, it seems that the DS may be suffering a slump in sales as this is its second week in third place. Last week all the other platforms experienced an upwards spike in sales except for the DS which suffered a decline.

This week all of the platforms experienced a decline in sales, but what’s of note is that the DS is still maintaining its relative place in sales at third place. Two weeks of data don’t make a trend though; perhaps it’ll pick up in the next few weeks.

Here are the hardware figures for Japan for the week ending on February 10:

  • Wii: 81,737
  • PSP: 75,912
  • DS Lite: 60,464
  • PS3: 23,985
  • PS2: 11,038
  • Xbox 360: 3,615

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