Japan’s Coded Soul site updates with new characters and a video

Japan's Coded Soul site updates with new characters and a video - Image 1New material have just been added to Japan‘s official Coded Soul site. The update includes three new character profiles and a promo video starring Kouji Okada. More details are available in the full article.

Japan's Coded Soul site updates with new Characters and a video - Image 1Gaia Studio has just made a couple of new updates to the official site of their Coded Soul title for the Sony PSP.

The first update you’ll want to look over are the profiles for three new characters: Freeman, Lisa, and Estel. And while the text is all in Japanese, we’re sure this won’t discourage the guys from at least enjoying the illustrations.

The second update you’ll want to check out is a newly uploaded Coded Soul promotional video. It will feature commentaries from creator Kouji Okada as well as gameplay footage.

We imagine those who can’t understand Japanese will at least enjoy this teaser of the gaming experience that awaits them come launch day. Coded Soul is currently scheduled to release in Japan this February 7 at an expected cost of Â¥ 4890 (US$ 45 ). You can access the official site via the source link below.

Via Coded Soul official site

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