Jeff Gerstmann’s superior fired from CNET

CNET logo - Image 1Is this retribution for Jeff Gerstmann‘s untimely departure from GameSpot? Josh Larson, CNET‘s Vice President of Games and Gerstmann’s superior has been fired from his post after being implicated for business violations that may or may have been instrumental for bringing about the GameSpot controversy. Details in the full article.

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It’s confirmed: CNET‘s Vice President of Games Josh Larson has been fired from his post. According to Kotaku’s sources, Larson has been accused of bringing about the unwarranted involvement of Gamespot’s sales team with the business of the editorial team.

The source also disclosed how the sales team became increasingly involved in the affairs of the editorial staff ever since Larson replaced his predecessor, former Editor in Chief Greg Kasavin. “[Larson] was a suit…who has no editorial experience and was only involved on the business side of things,” the anonymous source added.

Those who have been following the GameSpot controversy – which involved the firing of Jeff Gerstmann, and the following resignations of Frank Provo, Alex Navarro, and Ryan Davis among others – would remember that those involved had more or less the same gripe about the issue. The editorial staff’s integrity was allegedly being compromised for the benefit of the site’s advertisers.

Larson, whose termination will take into effect on April 9, will be laid off from the company along with about 120 other employees. Is  this due retribution for Gerstmann’s forced departure from Gamespot? We’ll leave it up to you to judge.

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