Killzone 2 showcases PlayStation Edge tools at GDC

An early Killzone 2 screenshot - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) boss Phil Harrison has just presented a new demo at the ongoing Game Developers Conference (GDC) at San Francisco, California, which will (finally) give the Killzone 2 hopefuls an idea of just how far Guerrilla Games has taken their FPS rival for Microsoft’s Halo game franchise.

This latest video snippet, while not as spot-on detailed or as fluid as E3 2005’s Killzone 2 gameplay trailer, still carried stunning visuals to showcase  the game’s performance as it ran on the PlayStation Edge developer’s kit – the tools set that Sony previously announced to be unveiled in the ongoing GDC. PlayStation Edge was previously described as “a set of cutting edge technologies” and “specialized systems that demonstrate best practices of SPU and RSX utilization.”

The new Killzone 2 video consisted of heavy urban battles among ISA and Helghast troops, which equates to plenty of gunfire, explosions debris, dirt, dust – all meant not to showcase the game, as Phil explained, but to showcase the technology the PlayStation Edge tools would offer to video game developers.

Phil Harrison: more Killzone 2 at E3. And the cherry on this sweet deal? The clip ends with an enigmatic “E3” logo below video’s closing screen, with Harrison saying “You can expect to see much more in July.”

There you have it. Game developers who found themselves wowed by the video are being promised such potential via the new Edge tool, which will be handed out to the studios for free. Gamers like us are given a sunny prospect for this year’s E3 – as downgraded as it was previously reported.

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