Konami confirms Lost in Blue arriving on the Wii

Logo of Konami, a video game company - Image 1The Lost in Blue series has always been one of the more standard titles to get consistent releases on the Nintendo DS. However, it seems like the handheld Survivor-like adventure series will be catching a boat out of its isolated confines and sail will be onto the larger Wii console. You can read more details about this story in our full article after the jump.

Logo of Konami's Lost in Blue adventures series - Image 1With three installments on the Nintendo DS already added to its name, Konami has recently updated their site with evidence of the popular Survivor-like title coming to the Wii. The Lost in Blue series has always been one of the more standard fare of adventure games found on the handheld, and now there has been evidence that the series may soon break free from its tiny package.

Known in Japan as Survival Kids Wii, the Konami website officially announced the specs to the long-standing series coming to the Wii console. The localized version outside of Japan will most likely keep the Lost in Blue title, although it has yet to be confirmed along with any other details regarding the game.

Considering the intuitive controls of the Wiimote, it will be interesting to see how Konami will implement the different mini-games and controls in the upcoming title. No worries, though. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more updates regarding this title.

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