Konami finally confirms: Coded Arms: Assault canceled

Coded Arms: Assault - Image 1We’ve heard of the rumor before that Coded Arms: Assault has been canceled for the PS3. And since we didn’t really hear anything of it from Konami, people just assumed it’s not true. Until today, that is.

Coded Arms: Assault - Image 1We have some unfortunate news today for fans awaiting Coded Arms: Assault on the PS3. According to Playstation Universe, they have received official word, finally, from Konami that the game is no longer in production.

Canceled, in other words. If you guys will remember, rumors about the cancellation of the said title first circulated January of last year. But since Konami did not confirm it, and since they still had the release date up on their site, people assumed that it was just a rumor.

But now: “There are no current plans to bring Coded Arms: Assault to the PS3 at this time.” These words of a Konami representative finally nails the coffin shut. It is unknown as to the reasons behind the discontinued production, or for how long has it been shut down.

Via PlayStation Universe

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