Latest Fury patch overhauls items, abilities, interface, more

Fury - Image 1Australia‘s Auran, developers of the MMORPG Fury, have released the new patch for their fresh title. Get ready for a serious tailspin because the user interface, the item system and abilities have all been revamped. Will this be a good thing or a bad thing? See the detailed version and tell us what you think.

Fury - Image 1All you MMORPG fans currently enjoying Auran‘s epic Fury are about to get quite a tailspin out of the new patch just released. Drastic changes have been made to improve the overall user experience.

The new Age of the Chosen patch has a hefty changelog which could take several blog posts to cover in its entirety. While we can’t list everything for you, we will tell you that the item system is totally unlike what it was before in the sense that it’s a bit more fair and balanced now. Point costs are now in proportion with item rarity and the gear you want should be a little easier to acquire this time around.

The user interface also got a lift with the GUI Lag issue now a thing of the past. The Artificer interface was also redesigned remains open for artificing multiple items and remembers your settings between item purchases.

A lit of other stuff have been altered, which may either be good or bad depending on how you look at things. Be sure to follow the “via” link for the nitty-gritty.

Via Unleash the Fury

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