Left 4 Dead 2 gets Headshot mutation, Versus Changes

l4d2-headshot-thumbThe zombies are getting a bit tougher to kill in this week’s Left 4 Dead 2 mutation.






The zombies are getting a bit tougher to kill in this week’s Left 4 Dead 2 mutation.


Thanks to the Headshot mutation for the game’s campaign mode, if you hit them with anything less than a clear headshot they’re still gonna be coming for your brains. At least you can still hit them in the legs or shoulder to make them stumble, giving you some time to line up a clear shot.


This week’s update also marks the arrival of the first part of the Versus Changes. Defibrillators are now based on map length and are capped to one per map. There’s also a 25-point score penalty for using one. There are also less health kits around, and the Director’s dynamic pill conversions has been removed.


Finally, the Jockey has been given a few minor buffs. His DPS has been increased and Valve have removed his damage delay.




Via [L4D blog]

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