Leipzig Exhibition Centre undergoes overhaul in preparation for GC 2008

Games Convention logo - Image 1Yes, we can’t wait for August 21 to come around, especially those of us lucky enough to receive advance holiday tickets for the Games Convention 2008 event. In anticipation of yet another high turnout this year, the folks at Leipzig are hard at work in making sure the venue will be a great (and safe) place to check out what’s new in the gaming world. Details in the full article!

Games Convention Business Center - Image 1Game Convention 2008 is only a few months away, and we already can’t wait (especially those who were given advance holiday GC 2008 tickets). The folks at Leipzig are already hard at work in making sure the venue, Leipzig Exhibition Centre, will once again be an ideal place to show off the latest games and breakthroughs in the gaming world.

Part of the preparations for GC 2008 include expanding the exhibition site within the Leipzig Exhibition Center as well as building a new walkway tube that will serve to improve visitor flow within the area. The walkway tube will be situated between Halls 4 and 5 of the Exhibition Hall.

There will also be major changes done on the exhibit site itself, with the GC Business Center’s area increased to up to 35,000 square meters. That’s a lot of space to roam in (and have fun in, as well!), but we’re not sure that it’ll be enough, given the usual high turnout in the annual GC events.

The Games Convention 2008 will be held at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre, on August 21 to 24.

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