Leipzig: new 160GB PS3-Uncharted bundle, Wireless Keypad announced

PS3 160GB unit - PS3 Wireless Keypad - Image 1To reaffirm what Isaac C. said earlier: it looks like the Leipzig event is now officially more exciting than E3. Aside from revealing the PSP-3000, Sony is now announcing that the PS3 is also getting some new hardware. Read ’em and weep ’em: a 160GB PS3 unit bundled with Drake’s Fortune and a PS3 Wireless Keypad! More details and a couple of stock photos in the full article!

More news from Leipzig, and coming from the Sony front, we finally hear from John Koller about the North American announcements to coincide those coming in from Germany.

160GB PS3 bundle with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Image 1

First up: the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune PS3 Bundle. It comes with the 160GB PS3 unit (yeowza!), a copy of Uncharted, a PSN coupon for PAIN, and a DualShock 3 controller. Just so you know, the 160GB PS3 unit will have the same features as its (now puny) 80GB brother, and the only difference is the amount of storage space. The 160GB PS3-Uncharted bundle is to be sold for US$ 499.99 and will be arriving come November of this year.

PS3 Keypad - Image 1PS3 Keypad - Image 2

There’s also the PS3 Wireless Keypad that you can attach onto the SIXAXIS or DualShock 3. On top of it having a standard QWERTY keyboard, there are also two additional shortcut buttons: one that allows you to go directly to your XMB’s Friends icon and another leading to the Message Box.

What’s more is that there’s a mode in which you can turn the entire keypad into a touchpad! Well, a rather bumpy touchpad, but a touchpad no less. In that mode, you can slide your fingers down the letters and it will display the same motion as the cursor on your screen.

The Wireless Keypad (chargeable via USB) is actually also a Bluetooth device that can connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices that can support keyboards – meaning, smart phones and other mobile devices.

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