libmikmod 3.2.0ds1 – various hardware mixer fixes

Nintendo's DS Lite handheld with R4DS and SuperCard cartridge - Image 1After more than a year in hiatus, developer Steve Larsson (Stonebone) has finally come up with an update for the portable sound library application libmikmod with version 2.3.0ds1. This unofficial DS port based on the ModMik app now has an update based on the latest library and includes many hardware mixes fixes by Andreas Back. For more information, check out the full article!

Download: libmikmod 3.2.0ds1
Download: libmikmod 3.2.0ds1 (source)

Screenshot of MikMod 3.2.0, a module program compatible with libmodmik - Image 1It’s been a while since homebrew developer Sten Larsson (Stonebone) released libmikmod 3.1.11ds1, an unofficial Nintendo DS port of the portable module player ModMik.

A year later, the developer has come out with a more refined version of the library by basing it on the most recent version of libmodmik released by the original developers.

For those of you who don’t remember or aren’t familiar with this app anymore, libmodmik is a portable sound library for playing various music modules such as MOD, S3M, XM, and IT. The library was based on the Mikmod module player, which has already been ported to several other platforms.

Here’s the complete changelog since its last update with libmikmod 3.1.11ds1:

  • Based on libmikmod 3.2.0-beta2
  • Many fixes to the hardware mixer by Andreas Back. It is almost as good as the software mixer now!

The downloadable archive includes a comprehensive Readme file, so don’t forget to read up on it for more information on the application. In addition to the actual library, we’ve also included the source code for the more tech savvy DS users.

Download: libmikmod 3.2.0ds1
Download: libmikmod 3.2.0ds1 (source)

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