Lineage II: Server transfer service now available

Lineage II: Server transfer service now available - Image 1We’re letting the readers know that NCSoft is now offering paid character transfer services for their Lineage II MMORPG. For a price, you can now opt to move one of your characters to one of this MMORPG’s 10 servers.

Detail and mechanics for this service are in the full article. Just click the “read more” link below to get there.

Lineage II: Server transfer service now available - Image 1 

Here’s a quick update for the guys hoping to move their sprite into a less congested realm over in Lineage II. NCSoft is sending word that Server Transfers services are now available for all of the MMORPG’s 10 servers.

Before you start the move, however, you may want to read over the stringent rules on what you can and cannot bring over to your new home. Here’s a quick peak at the service’s more important mechanics:

  • A character must be Level 40 or higher and completed their second transfer quest(s) in order to transfer. Only one character may be transferred per week.
  • Transferred characters may transfer again after six months.
  • Other account services (name change, gender change, etc.) cannot be used during the same week as the transfer.
  • You must create a level 1 character with the desired name on the desired destination server. This character must stay at Level 1 or the server transfer will fail.
  • The Level 1 character that is reserving your place and name on your desired server will be deleted once the transfer is completed.
  • Characters that have Hero status cannot transfer until that character loses his or her Hero status.

Also keep in mind that you will need to shell out real cash (not Adena) to make the move. Lineage II‘s server transfers will currently cost you US$ 49.99, € 29.99, or £ 19.99 depending on your region.

Full details on what you can bring to the new server are available at the Lineage II site’s transfer FAQ, via the source link.

Via Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne

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