Little Big Pop Up: LittleBigPlanet’s activity shop in Manchester

LBP's sackboy - Image 1Even before Sackboy hits the retail stores, it certainly looks like people can’t get enough of them already. Over at Manchester, a Little Big Pop Up shop was spotted, and you guessed it. It’s a shop for everything LittleBigPlanet-friendly.

Little Big Pop Up shop - Image 1  

This is really cute. In a corner of Manchester, we find the Little Big Pop Up Shop. It looks like a fun hang out place, and according to reports of people who have gone to it, it’s actually very enjoyable.

Says their email reports, the ” nice people there get ‘children and business men to draw pictures of sackboy with crayons then play bits of the game and be shown how to make things with Popit. It sounds like they all come away pleasantly baffled.'”

We’re not really sure when this shop opened up, although we did learn from Media Molecule‘s site that it will be open only until October 4th. Awww… oh well. If it turns out to be such a hit later on, especially with the impending release of LittleBigPlanet, then we just might get to see it stay open for longer.

Anyway, there are a lot of special events and workshops that will happen while it’s open, so in the meantime, those of you in the area might want to go drop by and check it out. Do share with us your experience too as well.

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Via Media Molecule

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