LittleBigVice – Sackboy struts his fashion sense

Sackboy and girl strike a pose - Image 1I can’t remember a named video game character that has more clothes than Sackboy. The ragged doll from LittleBigPlanet gets new costumes every week, and he dresses up as all the different video game legends, from Solid Snake to Kratos. This is why no character can make like a model and pose on Vice Magazine. See his shots in the full article.

With new costumes every week adding to his limitless wardrobe, there is no better video game character to strike a pose for Vice Magazine. In fact, earlier today, we covered Street Fighter Sackboys. The star of Media Molecule‘s LittleBigPlanet is willing to wear anything, and I mean anything, even shoving his head up a turkey’s ass.

Check out these pics. Sackboy grunges down, drabs it up with a little warm-wear, and even strips down to his tidy whities. *gasps*

LittleBigVice - Image 1LittleBigVice - Image 2LittleBigVice - Image 3

Sony is really going all out with promoting LittleBigPlanet. Even the fashion scene is getting a taste of Sackboy. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear if a LittleBigMovie is in the works.

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