Lost Odyssey Japanese TV Spot

Lost Odyssey - Image 1Only a few days before its Japanese release, Mistwalker‘s Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360 finally gets its own TV ad campaign that showcases just how awesome the game is and then some in mere seconds. Check out the video in the full article!

Mistwalker‘s opus for the Xbox 360, Lost Odyssey, finally gets a TV ad just a few days before its Japanese release date this first week of December. We are granted only a few seconds of actual gameplay in the TV spots (there are two), but the scenes still look sweet nonetheless.

We can also see here (and also in other videos) that the Japanese voice acting isn’t bad, at least for Kaim Argonar, the game’s main protagonist. We just hope that the Japanese voice acting will be carried over to North American and Europe versions of the Lost Odyssey, along with subtitles.

Well, this video is better viewed than read about, so don’t delay and watch the clip, stat!

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