LostWinds: Pick Up and Jumping gameplay videos

LostWinds - Image 1Want a solid and very unique platformer title that doesn’t have anything to do with a certain plumber? Then hit up the full article as we show you what Frontier Development‘s WiiWare title, LostWinds, is all about. Controlling the winds with your Wiimote never looked this fun, nor this awesome.

Platformers have always been about you controlling a character to interact with the game’s environment. It’s always been a tried-and-true formula. But what about the player interacting directly with the environment, rather than through the playable character? We see this concept in action with the latest gameplay footage of Frontier Development‘s LostWinds, where you control a Wind Spirit with your Wiimote.

Looking at the videos, it’s definitely clear that the guys behind this game have done their homework in terms of the game’s video and audio production values. The graphics, which could be seen as simple by today’s standards, make do by being very stylized and very soft-looking, and when combined with the game’s soothing music, it creates a very unique package that should be a must-buy on WiiWare.

Enjoy the videos!

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