Lua System SP2 – new fonts for displayed texts, BIOS mode and more

The Sony PSP - Image 1Homebrew developers, it seems, are usually busy tweaking their inventions. SeanPaul223 is no exception. The developer recently upgraded the previous version of the Lua System application to bring you Lua System SP2. See what’s new in SP2 after the jump.

Download: Lua System SP2
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

The front view of the Sony PSP  - Image 1If one must be good, then two must be better, right? While that may not always be the case, it’s certainly true for Lua System SP2 – brainchild of homebrew developer SeanPaul223. A step up from the previous version, Lua System SP2 sports a host of new features for you Sony PSP users out there.

Here is the list of changes that SeanPaul223 has made to Lua System SP2:


  • Code optimised
  • Bios Mode Added
  • Graphinc application coded by HaxxMan
  • New fonts for Displayed Texts
  • Icons to restart of quit the Shell

File Explorer

  • Now runs JPG, PNG, LUA, and PBP Files

Installation Path

  • Extracts the archive contents into ms0:/ folder(the root of your Memory stick) ..Don’t modify the path, or the shell will not work

SeanPaul223 also notes that Lua System SP2 is compatible with both the Slim& Lite and fat versions of the Sony PSP (using homemister‘s LuaPlayerHM 6). As standard operating procedure with all applications for this type, we again present you with a caveat: kindly  check the readme and exercise caution when downloading and installing the program on your portablem.

Download: Lua System SP2
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

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