LuaPlayer HM v6 – new Wlan, Socket, Adhoc, and UMD functions

The programming language known as Lua - Image 1In this day and age, one mustn’t rest on one’s laurels, especially with regard to technology. That’s why homebrew developers Homemister and PiCkDaT have improved upon the previous version of the LuaPlayer HM application to bring you version LuaPlayer HM v6. More on the technical details of this application after the jump!

Download: LuaPlayer HM v6
Download: LuaPlayer HM Source 5 release
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

The Lua Player logo - Image 1If room for improvement is indeed the largest room in the world, then Homemister and PiCkDaT have succeeded in creating more room. The reason? The two homebrew developers have tweaked the previous version of LuaPlayer HM to bring you LuaPlayer HM v6 for your Sony PSP.

These are some of the new features in LuaPlayer HM v6, according to Homemister:

  • System.runeboot() Loads and starts a *.PBP File Eg. System.runeboot(“ms0:/Eboot.PBP”)
  • System.playerVer() Returns the LuaPlayerHM version Eg. ver = System.playerVer()
  • System.cfwVersion() Displays the CFW Firmware Version Eg 3.90 or 2.50 Doesnot include M33 addon
  • System.loadPrx() Loads a Prx file and starts it. Warning it could cause the player to not function properly or crask the system

Wlan Functions

  • Wlan.init() Initates the wireless and Netdialog selection screen
  • Wlan.term() Terminates the wireless
  • Wlan.getIP() Returns the IP address

Socket Functions

  • Socket.connect() Connects to a host and port Eg. Socket.connect(“www.googl”,80)
  • Socket.createServerSocket () makes a socket usable Eg Socket.creatServerSocket (80)
  • Socket.isConnected() Returns a 1 if connected
  • Socket.accept() will accept conections

Adhoc Functions

  • Adhoc.init() Initates the Adhoc
  • Adhoc.connect() Connects to the adhoc or makes a adhoc connection
  • Adhoc.getState() Returns the state of the connection 1=ok 0=error
  • Adhoc.send() Sends data Eg Adhoc.send(“hello”)

UMD Functions

  • UMD.init() initiats the UMD drive and checks for a Disk. If no disk it displays a message and does not load the UMD drive. UMD drive is “disk0:”
  • UMD.term() Stops the Umd drive
  • UMD.checkDisk() Checks if there is a disk in the drive.

The developer also notes that the LuaPlayer HM Source 5 release isn’t complete because both Homemister and PiCkDaT do not have permission from the creators to redistribute the creators’ work.

For a complete listing of all the new stuff in Homemister’s and PiCkDaT’s LuaPlayer HM v6, including a list of different functions for different Sony PSP firmware, feel free to check out the relevant QJ.NET PSP Development Forum thread, courtesy of the forum link below.

Download: LuaPlayer HM v6
Download: LuaPlayer HM Source 5 release
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development Forum

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