Lumines Supernova coming to the PS3

Lumines Supernova - Image 1The latest in the Lumines series, Lumines Supernova, is coming to the PS3 as a PSN download. The musical action puzzle game from Q Entertainment showcases new game modes, good graphics, as well as new skins that take full advantage of the PS3 engine.

If you liked the Lumines titles, you’ll love Lumines Supernova. The latest in the popular music action puzzle series will come to the PS3 as a PSN download. The demo was already in the TGS, but it didn’t have the Dig Down Mode, where you get to dig through stacks and stacks of blocks at a time.

Lumines Supernova - Image 1 Lumines Supernova - Image 2 

Lumines Supernova puts the PS3 engine to good use with a ton of new, well-designed skins, as well as additional graphic effects. The Sequencer Mode allows players to make their own background music using a simple, easy-to-understand editor. With the online battle feature, you can put your skills to the test and fight it out 1-on-1 with other players online.

It may not sound much compared to other PS3 titles out there, but Lumines Supernova will have you humming to the music and digging through those blocks like mad. Simplicity of gameplay and effective use of the console engine makes the game worth your while. Lumines Supernova will roll into stores this November.

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