Make way for Jimi Hendrix in Guitar Hero World Tour

electric guitar - Image 1Guitar Hero World Tour from Activision and Red Octane has someone that will draw in rock fans from all generations. Jimi Hendrix has been confirmed for the game and three of his greatest songs have been cleared for use. Details follow in the full article up next.

Jimi Hendrix - Image 1For all its greatness and success, the Guitar Hero franchise has always seemed to lack something. That something, or rather that someone, is the grand daddy of all them guitar gods. We’re talking about the man universally recognized as the greatest to ever play the instrument. We’re talking about Jimi Hendrix.

The wait for Hendrix has finally come to an end as Rolling Stone reported that Activision and Red Octane have been granted permission by Janie Hendrix and The Hendrix Estate to use some of Jimi’s tracks.

“Guitar Hero really was on the ball and and they were biting at the bit to get this out this year, so, we just accommodated them,” Janie told the respected music publication. “Jimi was a kid at heart — he definitely would have played these games.”

The tracks which have been cleared for use on the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour ( Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Wii) are “Purple Haze,” “Foxy Lady” and “Little Wing” . No word yet as to which ones will be in the final cut. We’ll update you when more word is out.

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Via Rolling Stone

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