Man beaten after refusing to give PSP to muggers

Man *almost mugged of PSP at Syracuse's The Galleries - Image 1Who says the library’s one of the safest places to be? A Syracuse newspaper reports that Joseph Morales was nearly mugged of his PSP while watching a movie on his handheld near The Galleries. Morales had reportedly been threatened by two teenagers, who proceeded to beat him after he refused to give them his unit. More details regarding this news are available in the full article.

PSP *almost* loses unit to muggers - Image 1For Joseph Morales, even a seemingly quiet trip to the local library could definitely turn ugly. The 25 year was the victim of an attempted mugging at The Galleries in Syracuse, where two teens assaulted him after he refused to hand over his Sony PlayStation Portable. According to Morales’ testimony, the incident happened at around 8:50 a.m., while he was using his handheld to watch a movie while waiting for the library to open.

The two suspects, Sharquan Edwards (16), and Dannell Williams (16), then approached Morales, with Williams demanding that the victim give them his PSP. Williams attempted to grab the PSP, at which point Morales resisted. The two then proceeded to beat Morales to the floor, until a witness arrived at the Galleries at around 9:00 a.m., and attempted called the pair off. The two suspects left Morales upon the witness’ arrival, but not before kicking Williams in the head.

Williams was detained by the The Galleries’ security when he attempted to leave, while Edwards was stopped at the 100 block of Washington Street, according to police reports. Both suspects are now charged with felony robbery, and a misdemeanor count of assault.


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