MapleStory Europe welcomes winter with warm new items, Japan-themed map

MapleStory by NEXON - Image 1The popular 2D MMORPG, NEXON‘s MapleStory, enters winter season with an updated Cash Shop and addition of a new map. “My Boyfriend” and “My Girlfriend” effect items are sure to make MapleStory Europe players feel more warm, while the Mushroom Shrine Map is open for all brave adventurers to explore.

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MapleStory by NEXON - Image 1The MapleStory craze in Europe continues, as NEXON unleashes new maps and items to the popular free-to-play MMORPG. To welcome winter, players can now warm up with “My Boyfriend” and “My Girlfriend” effect items or visit the far east when you drop by a Japanese-themed area.

With growing in-game relationships in mind, “My Boyfriend” and “My Girlfriend” will put a pointer above your character’s head when the nearby person is your other half. The items to activate these effects can be purchased from the Cash Shop.

NEXON is also adding other new goodies to MapleStory Europe’s item store, like the Mushroom House Elf that can watch over your store in the Free Market, and the Water of Life which brings expired pets back to life and gives them 90 more days before expiration.

Aside from fresh accessories, everyone can also explore a new Asian-themed place called Mushroom Shrine Map, and its offered for free. Cherry blossom trees and mountains set the mood for new quests and monsters made to give stronger players a worthy challenge.

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