Mark Rein: Unreal Tournament 3 made slower on PS3 for console gamers

Unreal Tournament 3 by Epic Games - Image 1Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, has an explanation behind Unreal Tournament 3‘s (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) slower frag fests on the PS3. Console gamers can’t aim as precise with their fingers than PC gamers and their arms, he said.

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Epic Games' Mark Rein - Image 1If you haven’t noticed, Epic GamesUnreal Tournament 3 (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) runs significantly slower on PS3s compared to the PC version. According to Epic vice president Mark Rein, this is intentional to make the experience on consoles as fun as its other iteration.

“Your fingers are just not as precise as your whole arm,” Rein told SPOnG in an interview. He pulled out Halo for comparison, saying Bungie’s original entry in the popular FPS trilogy was slower when played on the Xbox than on PC. He commented, “to me the movement and speed as a console gamer is just right.”

Rein cited the difference in speed between two versions as the reason why those playing on consoles can’t go head-to-head with PC UT3 players. “You have got to make some compromises for each platform,” explained Rein.

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