Marvelous announces Half-Minute Hero sequel

yuusha30-thumbLast year’s Yuusha 30 — released by XSEED in the west as Half-Minute Hero — is getting a sequel. Details past the jump.






Last year’s Yuusha 30 — released by XSEED in the west as Half-Minute Hero — is getting a sequel dubbed Yuusha 30 Second.


Developer Marvelous Entertainment is keeping the 30-second mechanic of course, but the focus this time is on RPG gameplay. The game’s story will unfold across five scenarios with a total of 90 new quests.


The sequel also features ad-hoc multiplayer for up to four people at once and an editor toolset that lets players create their very own minigames.


Yuusha 30 Second hits Japan on November 4. No mention has been made regarding a western release.




Via [1Up]

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