Mass Effect patched to v1.01

Mass Effect patched to v1.01 - Image 1Okay, so this actually came about the same time that BioWare officially announced the arrival of Bring Down the Sky for Mass Effect on Windows, but I guess shock takes the better of you after learning some highly anticipated games just got pushed back. This goes out to the folks who probably got out of sync with the beat as well. It’s time to update your RPG to the latest. Changes are listed at the full story.

Mass Effect patched to v1.01 - Image 1 

If you look to the horizon, you might see a new patch flapping down your way, because BioWare has released the first minor patch to Mass Effect. This development follows the free release of the first official downloadable content, Bring Down the Sky, for Windows gamers.

The ~35 MB or so automated patcher of patch version 1.01 fixes includes the following changes:

Mass Effect

  • added some infrastructure support for additional downloadable content
  • updated the image of the Batarian race in the codex
  • fixed an issue where the center channel for hardware audio wouldn’t play correctly sometimes
  • fixed an issue where the hardware mouse pointer would disappear when first selected
  • fixed an issue where Shepard did not auto-crouch when entering cover in some places
  • fixed a tool-tip indicating a game restart is needed before enabling hardware or software audio if the option was changed
  • fixed an issue where ambient conversation would not be heard from rear speakers sometimes
  • fixed a text string to make it clearer on how to exit a vehicle
  • fixed a text string so the tool top for dragging the map is clearer in French languages builds

For the configuration utility provided to gamers, BioWare has resolved the questionable crashing bug on some multi-core AMD systems and also changed the way the utility reports your machine’s video memory so it is more accurate.

You may download the patch at BioWare’s official site, if not at your favorite public download portal. More in store for the PC gamer, so stay tuned.

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