Mathieulh talks about CFW 3.93, 4.0 M33

PSP - Image 1Wondering just who made the latest custom firmware for the PlayStation Portable, Custom Firmware 3.93? Or how about the deal that Team M33 has yet to make their own version? All these questions are answered via a statement that homebrew developer Mathieulh recently released, and it’s pretty telling in terms of the future of the homebrew scene. The details in the full article.

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Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Mathieulh recently released a statement regarding pretty much the state of Custom Firmware for the PSP, as well as what lies ahead. In it, he talked about the release of the latest CFW, 3.93, and what they have planned in case the official 4.0 firmware comes along. Let’s take a look, shall we?

So, what did Mathieulh say? Pretty much that the M33 team did not have any hand in making the latest CFW (that is, 3.93), and that he finds the idea to implement access to recovery directly via the VSH a pretty cool one. So, kudos to the unnamed developer!

Well, if Team M33 didn’t make CFW 3.93, then when are they going to bust out one of theirs? Mathieulh says that the way things look, the current custom firmware will be all that we need until 4.0 rolls along – so until that fateful firmware comes, there is no scheduled release from Team M33. A reason for this is because Sony hasn’t been quite generous with the new stuff coming from every firmware, which makes the effort of making a new custom one a bit pointless. His statement (as translated in the QJ.Net PSP Forums by transce08):

Concerning M33, no release is actually expected before the release of 4.00 (so one must be patient) and for diverse reasons, the foremost being of course the lack of any new features by Sony in the new firmware updates since 3.90 (at least from my point of view).

That certainly explains it, then. If you’re already equipped with the latest CFW, then you’re all set. Here’s hoping for more great things from Mathieulh and Team M33. Updates as we get them!

Thanks to transce080 for the tip!

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