Mathieulh’s statement on CFW 3.80 release, PSP community affairs

Sony PSP - Dark AleX - Image 1Mathieulh has responded to recent issues in the PSP homebrew development scene. Along the way, we are treated to some updates about the release of Dark AleX‘s PSP CFW 3.80 M33. Turns out that the previous announcement of the release was nothing but a rumor (it’s still coming though, so don’t worry).

More than this, Math raises a couple of points about the PSP scene that we want all of you guys to hear of. Read more of his public statement in the full article.

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In the spirit of journalistic integrity and reporting news as they come in on a 24/7 basis, we give you a post made by none other than Mathieulh of Team M33. In this statement, Math responds to recent issues involving the inner workings of the PSP homebrew development community.

To give you a little backgrounder, the PSP homebrew scene is pretty small. Remember when we played a bit of Six Degrees of Dark AleX when the whole community was at a loss on the whole OE Firmware source code leakage? This is something like that.

Just so you don’t misplace this statement from Mathieulh, it’s mostly in reaction to rumors going on about the coming release of Dark AleX’s CFW PSP 3.80 M33.

Apparently, as a post by Brakken points out (check the Via link below for more info), and as confirmed by a lot of other people online, the “announcement” of the release of the CFW was nothing but a rumor that started from the IRC chatrooms. To begin with, Team M33 never really had a set release date for the CFW! To further quote Brakken:

This supposed release date was fabricated by a certain scene site, made it into publications which is why Dark_Alex’s responded to it’s delay.

For what it’s worth, what seems to be confirmed now is that Dark AleX is planning to release the CFW on his site alone and no where else. As to when that might be, however, we still don’t know.

Now, the interesting part, which is causing quite a lot of people online stirring, falls in Math’s thoughts on the whole scene in general – that includes them, you, and us.

Homebrew developers’ relations with websites. Websites’ relations to advertisers, retailers, and whatnot. Users’ relations with the devs themselves… All that. We’re all a part of just one big circle of life [cue Lion King music].

Yes, we know that we are mentioned in Math’s post (it’s coming up in just a wee bit, so sit tight), but do understand that even we are effected by the whole advertising thing and that even Math himself points it out as something that is needed by the big news sites.

Our goal has always been to report all sorts of news 24/7 as they get released to keep all of you readers updated. And for the most part, that’s also the reason why we think you should hear about Math’s statement. To keep you guys updated on things.


Without further ado, Mathieulh’s post, replicated here, verbatim:


This is not only about zeus or Maxconsole or even Datel. We wish to only release on or through network (not even on exophase, lan or anywhere else.) for the time being for our own reasons.

Mostly because we are tired of people making money on our backs, wether it is maxconsole, qj or anyone else. That doesn’t only include news sites but also shops that ILLEGALLY make money by flashing m33 firmwares on psps or even selling pandora batteries/memory sticks sets, some will ask over 50 euros per installs ! Some even have the guts to claim sending a percentage of the money to m33 or c+d when this is not true!

We took that decision not only against maxconsole but every other sites that do make money over our work. Of course most/all of news sites do exist for the purpose of making money and yet, those are needed.

We can always dream of decent sites that make news with no earning whatsoever but considering the tiresome job that it is and how time consumming it is for people to actually look for news and report it on a 24/7 basis, I doubt that we will see such a thing happening any time soon.

Nevertheless we hope to be able to move things and that such a change may happen if we keep having a fair release system between each and every psp related sites (by only releasing on our website or through network, then we do not care of what sites do of the binaries once they got those.)

Another thing we are pretty much fed up of is the “news race” that tend to happen between all sites that try to be the first to news stuffs all the time, and everyone of them try to get news from us almost every minutes despite the facts that we do have lives of our own for the sole purpose of getting ranked up on Alexa.

To be honest I like the maxconsole comunauty which seems more mature than the ones of most other sites, this is what kept and keeps me staying here, the fact that we stop releasing from that place does not mean we wont keep posting in there. I think that most sites got carried away and forgot that comunauties are before all created by the users, for the users.

P.S. I do not think that deleting the threads is a solution, and I do not believe that moderators were closing those on purpose. A forums need to be moderated. As long as we discuss of things peacefully there is no reason for a thread to be deleted, if not then indeed there is. If people start flamming, bitching or cursing all over the forums, then indeed those threads need to be deleted or closed. I personally know most of the moderators responsible for the psp section on the maxconsole forums, and I pretty much doubt that any of them would have deleted threads just to prevent anyone from express themselves or share their opinion (wether good or bad) about this forum.

Also a personal message to Brakken: We (the M33 team or even the Prometheus group) never worked for divineo even once, and even if we did, how would this be ANY of your business ? I have yet to see your so called “proofs” about us working for divineo (which do not exist since we never done such a thing) Keep in mind that we were not forced to make free releases available to everyone, we just CHOSE to do so. I can tell you for sure that we would have not if we worked for such company as divineo to begin with. Now please stop making pointless assumptions without proper evidences. Thank you for your understanding.

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