MazeGen3D v3.0 – now with Pac Man Mode

MazeGen3D Pac Man mode screenshot - Image 1Here’s an update to homebrew developer Highsight‘s MazeGen3D that you Sony PlayStation Portable owners might like. Two new game modes, a couple of bug fixes and other new features are waiting, so find your way to the full article for more details!

Download: MazeGen 3D v3.0
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MazeGen3D Pac Man mode screenshot - Image 1Homebrew developer Highsight‘s Christmas gift for all Sony PlayStation Portable owners is the latest version of his MazeGen3D homebrew game. After adding nifty features in its previous release, MazeGen3D version 3.0 now has new game modes and music options.

When going through three dimensional mazes gets repetitive, Pac Man mode can add spice by letting ghosts loose. Much like the classic Pac Man game, pellets are scattered all over the place including special ones that turn predators into prey. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If a ghost hits you, or you hit a ghost without a power pill, you die.
  • Ghosts always move after you move.
  • Ghosts spawn from a grave randomly placed on the map.
  • Ghosts never turn around and reverse directions unless they hit a wall.
  • Ghosts spawn every 10 moves until there are 4 on the map.
  • Power Pill last you 30 turns.
  • Ghosts move at half speed when a Power Pill is in effect.
  • Pellets are worth 10 points.
  • Power Pellets are worth 100 points.
  • Ghosts are worth 500 points.
  • You get an extra life for ever 10000 points gained.

Another new mode is Find the Flag, which should be self-explanatory – you still have to move around the maze, but you’re looking for something this time. Bonus options, such as turning music or sound effects off and making animation smoother, are now available.

Highsight said this could be the last release of MazeGen3D for a long time, but when it does get updated, a maze editor, save game feature, and others in Highsight’s “To Do” list will hopefully be around.

Download: MazeGen 3D v3.0
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Homebrew Development Forums

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