Meet the company that made Neo-Geo on the Wii possible: D4 Enterprises

Neo-Geo - Image 1Wii owners are now reliving their memories of playing old school arcade games through Virtual Console, which currently has boatloads of classic NeoGeo arcade games in its gaming library. But who’s responsible for giving us such gaming joy? Give your thanks to D4 Enterprise, the ones in charge of licensing NeoGeo games to the Virtual Console.

Neo-Geo - Image 1 

We’ve got all these wonderful old school NeoGeo games coming over to the Wii through the Virtual Console right now, and it’s causing a lot of excitement for avid gamers out there. But do you know who’s responsible for giving us such gaming joy? Introducing Shinobu Shimizu, project manager of  D4 Enterprise, the outfit that currently serves as the supplier of NeoGeo titles to Nintendo’s Virtual Console.

According to Shimizu, D4 Enterprises started as a company that focused on publishing retro games on the PC. However, they started releasing many Neo-Geo games for the Virtual Console just recently after acquiring the license for Fatal Fury, one of NeoGeo’s well-known classic fighter.

The games will be published as ports or emulations of the classic arcade games, but Shimizu said that D4 Enterprise currently has no plans of tweaking the games (such as increasing frame rate). Rather, they are more focused on making sure the emulated games will be faithful to the original version.

Via Gamasutra

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