Megaman 2, Blades of Steel rated by OFLC

Megaman 2 - Image 1We all know who Megaman is. Right up there with Mario and Sonic, Megaman represents fine platforming action that’s geared towards jumping, shooting and avoiding painful spiky death. And while this generation’s Mega-men are looking to be less and less reminiscent of the original platformer, it’s definitely good to look back once in a while. Thank goodness the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console channel gives us a chance to do just that. Check out the entire scoop at the full article.

MegaMan 2 - Image 1Proving to us that it’s not always the PAL territories that get the short end of the stick is this week’s findings from the OFLC website – which lists two Virtual Console titles, one of them still unannounced for the other territories. These aforementioned titles are Blades of Steel from Konami and MegaMan 2 from Capcom (the latter hailed as one of the best games ever made).

For those of us unfamiliar with both games, here’s a little backgrounder: Blades of Steel is pretty much like Double Dribble, except it’s about hockey rather than basketball. It’s fast-paced, ridiculously addictive and has voice – a rare combination during that era of videogaming.

Megaman 2 is the legendary sequel to Capcom’s original platformer, where the self-aware robot must once more battle against Robot Masters gone rogue.

Megaman 2 is also where the videogame community first saw the new changes that now are considered staple to the series – examples of which are the E-tank, and having to fight each Robot Master in a single room with teleportation devices.

Definitely an exciting update for Wii owners in PAL territories indeed. Now, if only Nintendo would get the lead out and announce the original MegaMan for NTSC territories already, then everything would be squared away.

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