MemorizeME Bugfix Release – includes MP3 support

Nintendo DS - Image 1Madcat1990 is back with a bugfix release of the homebrewed memory game for the DS, MemorizeME (previous coverage here). Beefed up with new features such as more challenging gameplay, MP3 support, and others, it’s definitely worth a try. Check out the changelog in the full article.

Download: MemorizeME Bugfix Release
Visit: QJ DS Development Forums

MemorizeME Bugfix release - Image 1We already covered what was supposed to be the finalized version of madcat1990‘s MemorizeME homebrew memory game in an earlier article. As it turns out, there are still some things to improve on, such as a new set of graphics, and an even challenging (read: harder) game mode.

Check out the complete changelog:

  • Fixed a bug in the difficulty settings
  • Game is now harder 😛
  • Added Highscore (though Writing it to the FAT gave me some trouble..)
  • MemorizeME now uses MP3
  • made the music loop!
  • made the game a bit harder! 😛
  • Released source!
  • Now using the latest PALib release
  • GPL’D 
  • New graphics xD

Installing the game is fairly easy, and you can check out the readme for instructions in case you’re not familiar with running DS homebrew. Just download the file below (includes readme and source code), and enjoy!

Download: MemorizeME Bugfix Release
Visit: QJ DS Development Forums

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