Metal Gear Online Beta update: server downtime, and game extensions

Metal Gear Online - Image 1Konami reports that Metal Gear Online has recently gone down for some emergency maintenance, due to reports of login errors from the players. Further details regarding this matter are available over in the full article.

Metal Gear Online Beta update: server downtime, and game extensions (For Japan) - Image 1Apparently, invalid beta keys are just the least of the problems afflicting Metal Gear Online. Konami‘s official site reports that they’ve recently shut down the game’s servers for a bit of emergency maintenance.

The site (based on our translations) indicates that this was conducted due to a recent string login errors being reported by the players; the game appears to be back online. Quoting Konami’s official statement regarding the maintenance:

Connected disabilities and reports about future measures This time, “METAL GEAR ONLINE PREMIERE Beta” We join you, Thank you.

Currently “METAL GEAR ONLINE PREMIERE Beta” is the concentration of access from all over the world, can provide normal service with no conditions.

In particular, the area of Europe that started the beta test since 2008.04.21 07:00, the players are not created equal, a serious failure.

This situation, the Japanese beta test conducted in a non-interrupted once, and services for the stability of Japan has been confirmed after the operation, each of the areas we tested it and resume.

Please join us with everyone, with a very matter OKAKEITASHI We deeply apologize, for helping us beta test the patience.

On a related note, Konami is also planning to extend MGO Beta’s deadline in Japan from May 5 to May 11. That said, we advise the readers to keep on the lookout in case Konami makes any official announcements regarding this matter, preferably in English.

*Update* Metal Gear Online‘s English site has shed more light on the matter. According to the devs they will temporarily be delaying the opening of the US’ beta servers until they can find a way to resolve the massive worldwide traffic the game’s been receiving.

An update regarding this issue is expected to arrive tomorrow (April 22), at around 11:00 p.m. PDT. As a result of the delay, North America‘s open beta will be ending on May 11, instead of May 5.

The company’s also reminding the players that their voucher code is only good for until May 6 – register before that allotted time.

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