MGS4 uses SIXAXIS controls sparingly, and for good reason

MGS 4 uses SIXAXIS mechanics for good reason - Image 1The latest issue of EGM has some new info on Metal Gear Solid 4 and it’s something you might want to think about when you take into account how games are made. According to EGM, they’ve actually removed certain SIXAXIS mechanics from the game, and for good reason. Ryan Payton explains why after the jump!

PS3 controller mechanics lessened for MGS4 - Image 1Here’s something every game fan might want to think about when it comes to their favorite game. EGM‘s latest issue has the scoop on Metal Gear Solid 4’s use of SIXAXIS game mechanics to liven up gameplay. Specifically, they’ve actually taken out certain mechanics, and with good reason.

Here’s the all-important quote from EGM:

Over the past few months developer Kojima Productions has actually REMOVED several of the planned SIXAXIS mechanics from the game (like maneuvering Snake’s Mk. II robot).

“I think the problem with this feature is it was severely overhyped,” says Assistant Producer Ryan Payton. “It was talked up as Sony‘s answer to the Wii Remote. The trick is to use SIXAXIS sparingly and have fun with it. I don’t think anybody wants to play a long game while consistently having to tilt the controller around. Rather, it’s fun for the player when they’re given a chance to use it in short bursts– that’s how we’re approaching Sixaxis in MGS4.”

Somehow, this sort of reminds us of Lair, with its seeming overuse of the tilt mechanics to simulate dragon flight. We certainly don’t want clunky controls in MGS 4, so we’re inclined to agree with Payton and let the removal of certain game mechanics slide. How about you? Do you think it was a sound decision on Kojima Productions’ part?

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