Microsoft hiring devs to work with Peter Jackson on new Halo project

Peter Jackson, Hollywood director of the Lord of the Ring series - Image 1While the name Peter Jackson was once associated with the long- buried Halo movie project, a new project involving the renowned Hollywood director has once again surfaced. Microsoft is currently assembling a team willing to “help develop a new experience in the Halo universe”. Find out more about this in our full article after the jump.

Master Chief, main protagonist of Bungie Studios' Halo series - Image 1Microsoft is currently assembling a team which may very well work with renowned Hollywood director Peter Jackson. The official Microsoft website recently posted a job listing on its career page specifically looking for talented people willing to “help develop a new experience in the Halo universe”.

It was also announced during the X06 event in Barcelona that the project will be under the supervision of Peter Jackson. A Microsoft spokesperson mentioned that the development of the new collaboration is well underway and the need to expand the internal team was needed to keep everything up to speed.

Unfortunately, Bungie Studios will not be a part of this project, which will appear as an exclusive Microsoft Game Studios endeavor. Microsoft is currently looking for a Creative Director, a Producer, Game Engineers and other specialists to join the team.

Does this also mean that there might also be a possibility of the revival of the long buried Halo movie everyone was talking about last year? There’s been no word on that specifically, but everyone has a right to dream about it whatever the case may be. Anyway, make sure to visit QJ.NET again for more updates regarding this hot topic.

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