Microsoft investigating Recon Armor hack, says XBL director

Halo 3 Recon Armor Bungie Studios - Image 1Remember that hacking incident where a hacker spirited away a Halo 3 gamer’s most prized Recon Armor? None other that Microsoft‘s own Xbox Live director Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s on the case, and maybe we can see a resolution to this problem real soon. More details in the full article!

Halo 3 by Bungie Studios - Image 1After getting a severe case of customer service run-around, Halo 3 gamer Skyllus can now heave a tentative sigh of relief, now that his case has reached Xbox Live director Larry Hryb‘s ears.

According to Kotaku, Hryb confirmed that Microsoft and its security team are already looking into the hacking incident – where a hacker stole Skyllus’ highly-prized Recon Armor – and that he already got in touch with Skyllus himself.

That’s well and good, especially since the gamer has experienced a not-so-pleasant time with Microsoft’s customer service. Skyllus complained about getting sucked into a long chain of calls that got transferred between multiple departments.

We hope that he’ll get his Recon Armor back, and that the perpetrator will get what s/he deserves. More updates to come!

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