Microsoft Spring Showcase 08: Too Human co-op changes, demo to push through

Too Human - Image 1A lot of games were featured at the Microsoft Spring Showcase 08. Included among the titles that were discussed was Too Human for the Xbox 360.

Apparently the developers from Silicon Knights made some changes to the number of players who can join a co-op game as well as more details about the demo. To find out more, head on over to the full article.

Dennis Dyack - Image 1Developers from Silicon Knights were at the Microsoft Spring Showcase 08 where they made a couple announcements about Too Human for the Xbox 360.

The first announcement, and the one that will disappoint fans of the game, is that co-op multiplayer in Too Human has been cut from four players to two.

Inspite of this though, co-op will be a very important part of the game as it will help gamers get past some of the harder parts of the game when played on higher difficulty levels.

To help cheer up gamers who feel a bit down the president of Silicon Knights, Dennis Dyack, announced that they still plan on launching a demo for the game. While exact details for its release haven’t been revealed, he did announce that it will come out before the game’s August 19 launch in North America (August 29 for Europe):

We haven’t announced a date yet. Our goal is to try to get it out obviously before the game releases, and we’ll announce the specific timing of that shortly. But a demo is absolutely planned. We think it’s critical for the game. If things go as planned, gamers should get a demo well in advance before the game’s released.

Dyack mentioned that they’re still talking about what to add in the demo. He said that “The more we put in the demo, the more challenging it’s going to be.” That said, he added that they’re just “going to focus on the first level of the game.”

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