Microsoft: Xbox 360 sales higher than the PS3 in Korea

Xbox 360 - Image 1How is the console race doing in South Korea? According to Microsoft Korea’s marketing coordinator, the Xbox 360 is doing much, much better compared to its rival, the PS3, which sold 200 units in a record time of 3 minutes upon launch. The Xbox 360’s estimated total sales numbers? 100,000 units.

Xbox 360 logo - Image 1What’s happening in sunny South Korea‘s console race? It’s looking mighty green, it seems, as Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 leads the pack. According to an interview in Gstar International Game Expo with Microsoft Korea’s marketing coordinator, Dae Hwan Lim, the number of total Xbox 360 units sold in South Korea amounts to about 100,000.

The figure may be low, but Lim added that the Xbox 360 is faring “much, much better” than the PS3. It’s quite a feat, considering that over 200 PS3 units were sold in a record time of 3 minutes during its launch in South Korea. Gone stale so soon?

The marketing coordinator explained that the console gaming userbase wasn’t established at first, but the boost afforded by PlayStation’s warm welcome in Korea made the local gamers aware of the choices available and helped out in increasing the Xbox 360’s sales numbers.

Lim wasn’t able to provide the exact sales figures, but assured that the Xbox 360’s numbers are higher than its competitors.

Via Gamasutra

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