Mind Breaker v1.0 – Mastermind on PSP

Mind Breaker v1.0 - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable owners who enjoy homebrew games can look at homebrew developer cyril92‘s Mind Breaker. Currently in version 1.0, what we have here is a small puzzle game similar to Mastermind that you can toy with and enjoy. See the full article to learn all about it.

Download: Mind Breaker v1.0

Mind Breaker v1.0 - Image 1Homebrew developer cyril92 just released a homebrew game for puzzle game lovers who own a Sony PlayStation Portable. Mind Breaker version 1.0 is a faithful video game incarnation of Mastermind, the board game that puts players’ mathematical skills and luck to the test.

Being from a French developer, here’s what we can get from the rough translation of Mind Breaker v1.0’s version history:

  • Combination of 4 colors among 6 possible
  • 3 levels of difficulties
  • Some sound actions

Basically, Mind Breaker v1.0 is just like the classic Mastermind. The game first determines a combination of four colored balls, then you can take up to 12 turns trying to guess the correct pattern.

It’s often considered a guessing game since you have to take wild shots, but more experienced players actually employ math to find the answer in Mastermind. We’re sure the same can be said about cyril92‘s Mind Breaker. Do note that you hold your PSP vertical for the game.

Download: Mind Breaker v1.0

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