Minigame madness: Bomberman Land trailer video

Bomberman Land - Image 1It’s been quite a while since we last heard about Bomberman Land, Hudson Soft‘s title about the white-garbed superdeformed Bomberperson for the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation Portable. Now, we get a closer look at how the game looks and plays, with a trailer video that shows off pretty much everything the game has to offer, from the menus, the cutscenes, to the game themselves. Neat!

Check out the video in the full article.

Bomberman Land, Hudson Soft‘s offering for the Sony PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo Wii, is quite the very strange beast. Its hero, the white-garbed, slot-eyed superdeformed character of mass destruction that we all know and love, is named after an explosive device that generally wreaks havoc upon whatever it inflicts itself onto.

What is he doing, then, playing skipping rope, herding sheep and skateboarding? We’re not too sure ourselves, but in this gameplay video trailer of the PSP version, we see him do those things and more…all for our amusement. Dance, puppet, dance!

Looking at the video, it’s safe to say that Bomberman is once more in a bright and cheerful world with all the bombermen – er, bomberpeople, and he’s having a grand time playing minigames (as well as the occasional bombing match in the moments he can spare from minigame to minigame). The graphics are nice and chunky, the music is chipper and the games themselves look terribly addicting. It’s just sad that he doesn’t do as much bombing as he used to. At least all’s right in Bomberman Land, eh?

Enjoy the video!

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