Miyamoto: Nintendo recognizes the talents of U.S. indie game developers

Nintendo logo - Image 1Those who want to create games for the Nintendo Wii but are intimidated about competing with the big guys can rest easy with the WiiWare, and no one else but Shigeru Miyamoto himself recognizes the potential of the garage-game movement in the U.S. Another good news is that Nintendo won’t even breathe down your necks while creating your opus. More in the full article.

WiiWare logo Nintendo - Image 1Here’s even more good news for indie game developers who are interested in publishing their games, but don’t feel up to competing with the big name developers. Nintendo Company Ltd.’s Shigeru Miyamoto recognizes the talent of the garage-games movement in the U.S., and is interested in possibly recruiting their talents for the WiiWare service. He explained:

Here in the United States, you have these independent developers who have managed to get the skills and the training and the development, and also have managed to get access to the technology and the hardware needed to develop it…They’re able to let their own personality and their own kind of unique interests really flourish in the games that they’re creating.

So will indie game developers eventually be on equal footing with the big guys in WiiWare game development? The answer is yes, of course, and Nintendo won’t even be meddling on how the game is developed. “During the development process there aren’t review committees giving you feedback like, ‘Your skies should be bluer,'” said Bryan Jury of Epicenter Studios, which develops WiiWare games.

But the spotlight on small-time game development won’t be hogged by the U.S. indie development scene, of course. “In Japan, there is a group of people who use the PC to create fun, interactive pieces of art. They haven’t really come into the videogame industry,” said Miyamoto, who is interested in getting these people to get involved with Nintendo.

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